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Contents of Biobank SWEDEN #20

* Novel prostate cancer test saves healthcare resources and spares unnecessary treatment
* Large scale open access is now a reality: Providing DNA for 20,000 subjects in a Social Science study
* National hearing on highly specialized laboratory medicine
* Efficient retrieval system for cervical cytology biobanking
* Dried blod spots enable advanced protein affinity analyses

And lots more.. national repository Service Catalogue, Nordic workshop on best practices for Big Data handling in Biobanking, Biobanking Open Online Courses: A road from the auditorium to the internet, EGI-ENGAGE: Engaging the research community towards an Open Science commons.


Triple Helix in Biobanking: Intertwining Stakeholders

SAVE THE DATE! Service Centre for Southern Sweden (Lund University) in collaboration with University of Copenhagen (Department of Public Health) and other partners (LIF, SWElife, EpiHealth and Medicon Village) are pleased to invite you to join the Symposium entitled: The Triple Helix in Biobanking: Intertwining Stakeholders, that will take place in Lund.

Where: At Medicon Village (Scheelevägen 2)

When: : 15-16 November 2016

The symposium is free of charge but for organisational reasons registration is needed.

For registritation click here